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Check these stats:

✅ 81% of processing costs and 73% of processing cycle time can be saved with invoice automation usage

✅ 1/3 the salary of an offshore employee and 1/5 of an onshore employee salary - this is the monthly cost of invoice automation

✅ 90% improvement in compliance, quality, and accuracy and 86% enhancing productivity - can be achieved with robotic processing automation usage

✅ 80% of companies who are already using invoice automation expect to increase their investments over the next three years.


✅ 5 days per month on the task - time that the most finance teams spend without invoice automation.

  • BN

    Brack Nelson

    23 days ago #

    Processing invoices faster accelerates the entire payment process and gives suppliers the ability to request early payments, should their business need it. By early payments, you can reduce cash flow gaps, improve payment predictability and drive working capital to the most powerful points in your supply chain to help fuel your business growth.

  • AP

    ankit patel

    22 days ago #

    Nice blog
    Grateful information