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At Intercom, we place a lot of time and resources on crafting beautiful, thoughtful landing pages. But they didn't always convert as well as they could have for paid traffic. Learn how we approached personalizing our landing pages for PPC campaigns, resulting in a 3X increase in our conversion rates.

  • DS

    David Schoenfeld

    about 2 months ago #

    I still like this! But aren't we doing that for many many years especially for SEO and PPC... it's a bit like going back to detailed landing pages instead of grouping them like it seem to become a trend due to the "thin content" updates...

    • MP

      Michele Pendergast

      about 1 month ago #

      Hi David, Thanks for reading — and I'm glad you liked it! I know we're not reinventing anything but it's something we tried recently, and we love sharing our learnings with fellow startups that might benefit, too.

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