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In this article I explain what you should and shouldn't do if you're going to launch a product.

Since my first product launch fell flat six years ago, I've launched dozens of products for dozens of startups.

Here's how I helped launch JustReachOut - a tool that helps startups build a relationship with the press - and how I sold it to ten people before I wrote a line of code for it.

Main topics / ten steps:

  1. I sold JustReachOut to friends using sketches.

  2. I sold JustReachOut to people I did not know.

  3. I changed the language used to describe the app.

  4. I built genuine relationships with the press.

  5. Soft launch over e-mail.

  6. Soft launch over Hacker News.

  7. Soft launch over ProductHunt.

  8. Soft launch on Startup Digest.

  9. Real launch - I skipped mainstream press.

  10. Real launch - search for sustainable growth.


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