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Really amazing founder story here. Here's an excerpt: 

By November 1, 2017, I know one thing for sure: we’re going to run out of money. We were supposed to have launched by now, but things got a little off track. And while no product is ever done exactly on time, this one had actually gotten pretty close!

My husband and co-founder Chris and I had decided to invest $500k of our own money into our latest project, a developer alert tool we call Ropig, but we knew that if we didn’t put a hard cap on that investment, it could easily turn into a money pit.

So with our launch just out of reach, the numbers were clear: on Jan 31, 2018, our $500k would be gone, and that would be that. It left us with about three options:

  1. Break our commitment to ourselves and go beyond our budget? No, we’d set a hard cap for a reason. This business needed to prove its own viability, not turn into a pet project that constantly drained cash with no output.
  2. Go the true bootstrapper route and just work on it ourselves, for free? No, it would slow down the project too much – and that would mean taking even longer to get to a healthy monthly revenue. (And honestly, we’ve gotten used to working with an amazing team at MeetEdgar, and going it alone doesn’t sound like much fun.)
  3. Raise money from outside investors? Ding ding ding! It quickly became the obvious choice – the one thing that would allow us to keep going down the path we’d always envisioned and planned for Ropig.

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