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How exactly do you take customer feedback and turn it into testable ideas that can grow your business quickly? We sat down with Anuj Adhiya, Director of Engagement and Analytics at GrowthHackers, to see how they do it.

In this article, Anuj shares three detailed stories of times when customer feedback led to experiments that resulted in major business decisions at GrowthHackers.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • How they found the best content distribution channel for them
  • How they learned why education was the missing step to users progressing in their app
  • Why they decided to promote their book more

…all by asking simple questions to their audience.

At the end of this post, you’ll find a list of customer feedback questions Anuj thinks more companies should be asking to unlock hidden growth opportunities in their businesses.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    12 months ago #

    @benjihyam & @deveshkhanal are awesome interviewers. The entire process was organic - like chatting over drinks (though there weren't any involved this time). There were a couple other stories we chatted about that didn't make it in - maybe that'll be a part 2 someday :).

    • BH

      Benji Hyam

      12 months ago #

      It was great to hear the untold stories behind how you guys grew and also great to know that you practice what you preach.

  • AC

    Adrian Cojocariu

    10 months ago #

    This is really good stuff. Looking at customer feedback can massively impact any business, so it's always a good idea to take it into account.

  • CM

    Claire Mackerras

    12 months ago #

    Such a great story guys!

  • AS

    Anita Shah

    12 months ago #

    It is really an effective process and you guys doing a wonderful job!

  • AP

    Alex Poulos

    12 months ago #

    Great way to distill insights via these 3 questions! We recently started asking customers who started a trial with us a similar question to the "Why did you sign up?" one. We ask them "What do you want to achieve with your trial?" very early in the onboarding process. This helps us create a more personalized onboarding experience and drive a more relevant engagement with our sales team in order to demonstrate value. Both these lead to better conversion rates.

  • MS

    Mark Silver

    12 months ago #

    Very informative piece! Reminds me of this article, https://blog.walkme.com/visual-analytics-improve-customer-experience/?t=20¶1=SMO, which discusses how to implement visual analytics in order to improve customer experience. Understanding where you customers are getting stuck whether via feedback or analytics, is crucial to improving your customer service and enhancing your brand name.

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