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Fractl's Marketing VP covers the five lessons she learned during the course of launching more than 10 industry research–driven marketing campaigns which had the following bottom-line impact: referral traffic grew 6,718%, its total site traffic grew 4,396%, and its contact list grew 1,900%

  • EV

    Emily Veach

    almost 5 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing this post, Tyler. It's one of the best case studies I've seen. I want to adapt some of these strategies at CB Insights (we're a SaaS startup). If I had to pick 3 highlights of this great post, they are:

    - Marketing Mix Options chart
    - How to target high-level groups through content
    - Pro Tip for new vs. established brands
    (and I'm only halfway through the post!)

    Question: How long before the first traffic spike in April 2013 did Fractl begin working on the first of these campaigns? Just curious what the lead time was.

    • KL

      kelsey libert

      almost 5 years ago #

      Hi Emily,

      I really appreciate your compliments on my case study. Great selection of highlights!

      The traffic spike you see in April 2013 occurred as a result of securing new knowledge-based marketing columns, and our launch of one of the most viral infographics of 2013: http://www.slideshare.net/kelseylibert/the-anatomy-of-a-viral-hit-how-to-reach-million-cultivate-relationships-and-generate-1200-links-viral-emotions-case-study

      The next spike is October 2013, where we launched our Harvard Business Review research on viral emotions. That second spike is what incited us to create more research-driven marketing campaigns.

      Depending on the scope of the campaign and your resources, the average production window can take 30-45-60 days (30 days when you have additional researchers/writers, and 45-60 days when you're on your own). We usually commence publisher outreach for 30 days after the campaign secures its first pickup.

      Hope this helps answer your question!

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