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Exploring the “SEO Certification Course” on Google is like asking the magician about his tricks!

As of now and for the future, you won’t get any SEO certification course from Google because of the certain level of conflict of interest and opinions.

The core reasons behind this unavailability are as follows:

  1. Manipulation of Search Algorithms
  2. Manipulation of Search Results
  3. The dominance of Black Hat SEO tactics

These are the reasons why google always refrains from providing SEO certification. But, we have one closer match here.

Google Digital Unlocked

3rd Party Certification

  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals - Coursera
  • SEO Fundamentals Exam - SEMrush
  • SEO Training Course - Hubspot Academy
  • SEO Essentials Certificate - Moz
  • Become an SEO Expert - LinkedIn Learning
  • SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites - Udemy

Disclaimer: I do not represent any of the certification body and all the views expressed are my own.