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DigitalMarketer is one of the most recognized companies in the digital marketing education niche. And one of the most profitable ones!

It also:

  • Hosts the North America’s largest marketing conference with 6,000+ attendees
  • Gets 1.1M+ monthly visits and $205K-valued monthly organic traffic to its site
  • Has an outstanding 40% landing page conversion rate

To figure out how DigitalMarketer achieves all this, I’ve completely reverse-engineered their own marketing.

I even visited their conference and bought all of their primary courses (which are $5K+) to identify what they do exactly, and describe their success strategies, so you could apply them to your own business.

Table of Contents

  1. The #1 Best Way to Build a Brand
  2. The 12-Months Email Marketing Strategy that Makes Every Message Relevant
  3. The 2 Biggest Mistakes Most Marketers (but not DigitalMarketer) Make When Building Their Email Lists
  4. The Email Copywriting Formula that Skyrockets Open- and Click-Rates
  5. The #1 Best Scarcity Booster that You Can Use in Email Marketing … for Free
  6. The Lead Magnets Model that 10x’s Traffic-into-Customers Conversion
  7. The 4 Quick Lessons to Learn from the Landing Page that has a 40% Conversion Rate
  8. How to Instantly 5x the Product’s Perceived Value at $0 Cost
  9. The Unconventional SEO Strategy that Drives $97.6K-Worth Monthly Organic Traffic