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Marketing efforts rely heavily on performance and thorough research. However, in today’s world of fast moving technologies and mass amounts of data, traditional marketing techniques alone aren’t enough to obtain the full potential from the massive amounts of data available today.

Businesses are turning to contextual marketing and data driven methods to help companies better understand their customers, new techniques like clustering and text analysis help identify influencers and non-obvious factors that can affect buying behavior. The most creative companies combine these techniques to improve customer engagement, and by contextualizing customer interactions, create more relevant product experiences.

  • SC

    Sylvester Cruze

    over 5 years ago #

    Well, marketing is a broader concept and your business will sustain if you have a good marketing strategy. And I will say contextual marketing is playing a major role and it's a powerful strategy now days as consumers love to spent maximum of their time on internet or their mobiles.