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Within a few short weeks, the coronavirus has changed the way the world works – and the way it works from home. Learn how the coronavirus crisis has transformed the way we search for and use software, and how you can stay informed about updates as they occur.

  • JH

    Jim Huffan

    4 months ago #


  • HR

    Himanshu Rauthan

    4 months ago #

    Thank you for sharing some interesting facts. 👍

  • AS

    alice styles

    4 months ago #

    CoronaVirus is changing even the way we breathe.

  • MF

    M Fuentes

    4 months ago #

    This article was so interesting and I happened to see it just a few minutes after having a conversation with a client about this same topic. I truly believe this pandemic will transform the way so many people do business, particularly those who were resistant to change and working remotely for whatever reason. I have been working from home since 2008 and have seen the landscape of technologies transform tremendously. It is amazing really. One of my go-to remote working tools is a virtual number. I use United World Telecom (www.unitedworldtelecom.com) for that product/service. There are so many others as well, such as conference call lines and google docs. I think once the skeptics see the productivity advantages first-hand, opinions will be switched. Thank you for this. This is very informative.

  • TT

    TopTip Tip

    4 months ago #

    Thanks for sharing this important thing

  • VS

    Vin Sonpal

    4 months ago #

    It's hard to believe that every business wants to jump into the trends of coronavirus regardless of what they actually offer.

  • KP

    Kim Paiz

    4 months ago #

    It's not just changing the way we use software - but how/how often we're engaging with CS/CX teams, and what that means for software companies