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Reddit has been undergoing a lot of turmoil lately. CEO Ellen Pao resigned ostensibly because she felt she couldn’t deliver the growth numbers the board wanted to see in the next six months. A question was posed yesterday on /r/Entrepreneur about “What would you do as Reddit’s CEO to grow the user base in the next 6 months”...

I share my thoughts on what Reddit could do. Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    over 5 years ago #

    Great insights Jon and totally agree with you that the re-engagement loop for non devoted users is a big area of opportunity for them. Also, I think some help in the onboarding, how do you use this thing, could make it easier for new or less active users to find the conversations and communities that matter most to them.

    Great post!

  • YV

    Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

    over 5 years ago #

    Yeah, John.

    I would definitely focus more on user RETENTION.

    Creating a better Signup form, oh gosh, I'm waiting it to be done from the Reddit. (It's totally anti-user Signup form, I've ever seen)

    Even the user will get top trending posts by MAIL so they don't miss any of the important posts. (Retention)

    What's your view on allowing users to add brief about 'em with profile picture ? I think, it can catalyze human to human communication.

  • JB

    Joseph Bentzel

    over 5 years ago #

    Reddit doesn't have a 'growth problem'.

    It has a COMMMUNITY problem.

    Partisanship and conflict are baked into its current community framework and any attempt to change that has blowback consequences, i.e. Ellen Pao losing her job because of a petition on Change.org signed by 200,000+ people.

    Prediction. Like Craigslist before it, Reddit will be systematically 'unbundled' by community competitors in various sub-segments that will create dedicated communities/social apps/marketplaces around their interests/issues. If the VCs on its board are smart they'll get proactive and start spinning out sub communities now.

    There's another issue here though for GH members. Which is thinking that some kind of growthhacking tactical advice of the type the author lists in his post is a panacea. It's not. Reddit needs to pivot to something sustainable but its clear that the VCs and board are still trying to figure out what that would look like.

    It's a cautionary tale for the whole 'build it then monetize it later' model. For that model to work you need MASSIVE investor subsidies and a willingness to let go of whole parts of your user base who may be in revolt--i.e. flexing their 'social capital' muscles.

    Link to Ellen Pao petition below-which seems to have had no 'growth problem' getting 200K 'registered signups' in a month.


  • AR

    Alain Readman Vali..

    over 5 years ago #

    Great post Jon,

    Sign up here is they to be able to re-engage in the forms you suggest, how would you go about making this anti-sign up group be ok about signing up?

    Tks in advance.