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Instead of using the social media playbooks that drove their brands forward, many of the big names we know and love are refining their strategies on the fly.

  • ES

    Escalon Services

    11 days ago #

    I just stumbled upon this well written article and really it was helpful . Thank you author for such a nice post.

  • NL

    nestor laverde

    10 days ago #

    Great article, it reminds me of what we are doing we our customers. Specifically with a law firm; here in Colombia we are already in quarantine, meaning, everything is closed, all the accounts are off and every customer hidden in their houses.
    They asked us, what should we do? We then created an strategy based on the legal doubts and questions that every citizen in the country has regarding the economy, their companies or their jobs and with that generated tons of content for the blog and also infographics for their social media.
    Already a success, our account is back online and they are having lots of people interested in wrking with them. “meet your customers where they are.” is not a cliché, is a fact.