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Imagine this:

It's a beautiful Monday morning but you wake up feeling terribly sick!

So you decide to head to the doctor.

But the doctor immediately prescribes you medicine.

No symptom-inquiry. No check-up.

He just assures you that your health is going to transform.

That you will thrive like daisies in spring.

He hands you a prescription that costs you $70 every month.

Yeah, nah.

That would be a big NOPE.

That doctor is going to jail.

But this is exactly what your website is doing to your visitors!!

Your audience visits your website and hears all about how your product will help them.

But is their problem going to be solved?

Does your product cure THEIR pain?

You're missing a very important link.

You're heading straight to medication, without assuring them you understand their problem!

Why should they trust you?

Learn how to diagnose the problem and convince your audience that you're the best solution in the market.

Along with examples from Drift, Basecamp and Churnbuster.