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Technology is advancing every day, leading to countless new discoveries like smart devices. It’s no secret that these devices are quickly taking over the technology industry, but these devices are also ultimately changing how users browse the internet and how technology affects customer value as a whole. For instance, according to CNBC, around 75% of people will only use their smartphone to access and browse the internet by 2025.

With that many people ditching their computers and desktops for smartphones, we’re seeing a whole new type of browsing experience in the digital world. The remaining questions are: how is the technology industry reacting to this, and how does technology affect user behavior? Technology and smart devices play a huge factor when determining how users interact with the information on the web. With the intense rise of smartphone users, it is now vital to ensure that websites are created with the mobile user in mind. In fact, since 2001, there has been a 504% increase in media consumption on mobile devices.

This rise of mobile and smart devices has grown so much that people are now beginning to switch out technology behaviors like traditional texting and actually watching a television with services like Snapchat and Netflix. The switch in how users are consuming their media and information thanks to smart devices and the software associated with them is a huge topic of discussion. While the internet has changed the way consumers think and interact, it is the way users are now behaving that is changing the technology world forever.