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You already setup your website conversions. now all you need is growth and traffic.

Table Of Contents

1. Clearly define your goals

2. Start with the end in mind

3. How we figured out the best way to pitch people OUR way

4. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Learn from the experts.

5. How to make things go viral

6. The magic of click-through rates

7. Focus on Facebook

8. Remember the small things when it comes to SEO

9. The results of all the hustle

10. The future of content

  • LS

    Logan Stoneman

    about 5 years ago #

    Incredible story and I love how transparent the growth/link building strategy is laid out.

    Basically, if a Real Estate company can optimize content marketing and SEO then any company can.

  • DM

    demetrius michael

    about 5 years ago #

    This is actually excellent. Thank you for the share. I'm really happy that you measure and have clean goals --- Puts you 1000x ahead than everyone else.

  • AG

    andrew gale

    about 5 years ago #

    Thanks @noahkagan - I'm in the RE niche as you might remember and this just gave me an idea to start testing on our blog.

    It might be a good idea to test some of these buzzfeed type themes on our blog, while staying true to our current theme (marketing) and once we can get it to work for us make a switch.

    I wonder how much having a non-serious type blog might effect product image in your customers head though ?

    • JG

      James Greig

      about 5 years ago #

      I think you can use more "serious" content with these tactics and still get great results.

      For example, http://99u.com/workbook and http://www.therivetpress.com/ are both essentially marketing sites, but using more high-end content than Buzzfeed et al.

      "All of our articles revolve around something tangentially related to real estate. That allows us to link to cities and key pages on the site, even if the gist of the article is about something unrelated."

      So long as your content relates to your niche, anything is fair game!

    • SE

      Sean Ellis

      about 5 years ago #

      @morgan figure since you used to have a real estate blog that you might have some thoughts on @agale 's question.

    • MB

      Morgan Brown

      about 5 years ago #

      Hey Andrew,

      I think you can keep your voice while taking away the best parts of this strategy and applying it to your business. You definitely want to pay attention to your brand and make sure that the content is connecting with your target audience.

      You can do less serious stuff as long as it gets the people you want to read it. For example, we ran this post on Inman http://www.inman.com/next/11-amazing-real-estate-facts-to-entertain-your-brain/

      And it got more than 10k shares and 200k+ pageviews. It's silly, but relevant to the real estate agent audience. Of course, Inman is mostly serious news, but being able to mix it up helps with reach, which can in turn lead to more valuable readers/visitors/etc.

      The big thing, is that most of this traffic is one-and-done traffic. Converting those traffic spikes into lasting growth is the hard part. Movato seems to have done an incredible job of developing their "hits" formula.

      • AG

        andrew gale

        about 5 years ago #

        Great comment @morgan - One thing to note about Movato is that they are also targeting consumers, not agents. What you said is still correct though, I think we can take the formula and make it work for our blog similar to that inman article.

        I think we're going to work on that type of post, and wait until we get one right. After that we can focus on distributing it with paid promotion because the landscape of Realtors online is so small.

        Any thoughts on this?

        Thanks for the response.

        • MB

          Morgan Brown

          about 5 years ago #

          Hey Andrew,

          Yeah Inman is all industry focused so definitely can't copy Movato step by step. B2B is a different animal but still a lot to apply back from their case study.

          I think the best way to do it is reverse engineer what's worked. Look at articles that have been successful and dissect why and then test them out.

          As far as distribution in real estate I think you can do a combination of:

          - paid social
          - influencer outreach
          - syndication on other sites

          Also the skyscraper technique from @backlinko is definitely a viable strategy in the RE space.

          • JR

            joe robison

            almost 5 years ago #

            Just to add another idea to the mix - I was working with a client in the business custom printing space. Definitely in a semi-boring, traditional space. Since they do custom design work for the printing and since there are tons of design-oriented blogs online, we hit it out of the park with this blog post - http://www.coastalrepro.com/17-beautiful-sites-with-free-stock-photos/ - it riffs on the free stock photo trend, and there are other posts like it, but it's brought in an enormous amount of social shares, especially from Stumbleupon.

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    about 5 years ago #

    Great (long) article, thanks for submitting it @noahkagan ! I'm going to give it another read later when I can really concentrate and take notes.

  • MS

    Michael Shearer

    about 5 years ago #

    This was an excellent submission, thanks!

  • AP

    Ajay Prasad

    about 5 years ago #

    Great article @noah! Each and every point clearly stated. The actions performed can certainly be applied for blogs targeting other industries.

  • JP

    Joseph Putnam

    about 5 years ago #

    This was an incredible read. It's extreme in some ways but also shows what can be done with a whole lot of hustle and a smart strategy.

    One of the biggest points I took away is to make sure your content is about people, which immediately gave me a new blog post idea (coming soon...). The Irvine example is great and makes sense that people from Irvine couldn't help but read and share because it's all about them.

    This made me ask a question: How can we make our blog posts, email subject lines, etc., more about the person on the other end. Examples for a survey email: 1) Help us by filling out this survey! 2) How would you like to win a $100 Starbucks gift card? The first one is a fail because there's nothing in it that's about the recipient. The second one is much better, gives people a reason to fill out the survey besides that it will help your business, and probably will increase click-throughs immensely. It's just a good reminder that marketers need to remember to make everything they do about the person on the other end.

  • SF

    Steve Fitzpatrick

    about 5 years ago #

    Great article and truly impressive numbers, but I can't help but think this is really thin value when it comes to adopting this strategy for any site that doesn't rely soley on Adsense for revenue?

  • RM

    Ryan Mapes

    about 5 years ago #

    @noahkagan Thanks for sharing the article. I head up the Growth team at Movoto. Chris/Randy have done some amazing work scaling our blog traffic. We're more than happy to provide as much insight as possible to the GH community here if you guys have specific questions. Don't hesitate to reach out.

  • CM

    Cyrus Molavi

    about 5 years ago #

    Great article. Reminds me a bit of http://inside.idonethis.com/content-marketing/ but with its own points.

  • KS

    Kate Swanberg

    about 5 years ago #

    Did you use those viral sites?

    Im curious as to which ones you used..You simply don´t just increase your traffic that much (like you said it takes time and hustle which I totally agree with.) That being said the tips are super good to follow, I would like to know the mediums you used to skyrocket your content however :)

  • SL

    Stuart Langridge

    about 5 years ago #

    That is an excellent article. I am consulting with a firm and coaching one of their staff in content marketing. By my expectations it is going much better than I could have hoped for after just 8 weeks, but there is lots in here for me to add to the list and start testing with. Thanks for the share.

  • SD

    Sujan Deswal

    about 5 years ago #

    Read the entire thing. Thank you so much @noahkagan for the share \m/

  • RW

    Rayfil Wong

    about 5 years ago #

    This is sooo helpful. Thanks Noah

  • JG

    Jorge Giuffra

    about 5 years ago #

    Awesome content @noahkagan, thanks for share

  • SS

    Salman Sharif

    about 5 years ago #

    Amazing story about perfect usage of digital marketing tactics, great share @noahkagan

  • SC

    Shana Carp

    about 5 years ago #

    They are leaving money on the table with facebook. Monitoring and Manging meta:OG for facebook can increase clickthroughs dramatically

  • DH

    David H. McGuire

    about 5 years ago #

    You went to town on this, well done!

  • SB

    Sam Barnes

    about 5 years ago #

    Seriously seriously good content guys.

    Well written with some fantastic advice.

    Bookmarked to come back to quite a few times as I'm working on getting my new project up the virality ladder!

  • MP

    marcus petty-saphon

    almost 5 years ago #

    Great post! Am in the property space myself but more towards the home improvement side. Getting people into the top of the funnel is pretty hard with useful content as not many people are sharing (it is hard to get backlinks no matter how good your content is). Going to give buzzstream style content a go!

  • MQ

    Matt Quagliano

    over 4 years ago #

    Very interesting read!

  • GB

    Gennady Barsky

    almost 4 years ago #

    Excellent article. Thanks for sharing!

  • almost 4 years ago #

    Very good content. Thank you for sharing!

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