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Over his career, Instacart VP of Product Elliot Shmukler has seen the interplay of people and products unfold across many industries. For instance, the former Wealthfront and Linkedin product leader knows that much of what takes people sideways with money and career involves emotions. He’s also seen the same dynamic at play as product managers make decisions to pursue ideas, essentially their currency at a startup. Bake into the equation different product management styles with shrinking launch windows and the pressure compounds. That’s why Shmukler champions A/B testing not only as a sound product development practice, but also as an effective management tool.

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    Hila Qu

    almost 3 years ago #

    Echo that you need to understand the broader impact of your test. Otherwise, you could be achieving local maximum, but still not driving meaningful over growth

    "For example, you may optimize some small part of the sign-up flow and see a 10% lift in completion of that step, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to 10% more sign-ups because not every user may encounter that step.”

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