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On the one hand, your homepage is the page on your site that likely gets the most backlinks, and is therefore the most powerful. So theoretically it should be the easiest to rank keywords for. On the other hand, homepages tend to be like Yahoo!’s portal: unfocused pages where everything is thrown together. Thankfully there are tools that can show us what the some of the top companies that get SEO are doing with they’re homepage. We can look to them for guidance on how to set up. We’ll look at three different sectors to get a feel and see what’s working: ecommerce, travel, and SaaS.

  • AB

    Alex Bato

    over 2 years ago #

    That is correct. Search Engine Optimization industry standards entail powering up the home page before sending any links to inner pages.
    If you want to rank for location specific niches you must create a static page that has NAP and proper SEO on-site.

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