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So, why are we enunciating the strategies for user acquisition? With these tactics, you will face a considerable challenge in seeking and transforming new users into paying clients.

Let’s count a normal person’s app-usage from the morning, shall we?

- The morning sleep is nudged by the favorite ringtone-song playing - “Here's our chance to make it/Make this into something more/Here's my heart don't break it” (an mp3 trimmer app).

- He/She/They has/have a short conversation and stretch like a sleepyhead kitty. Scrawny eyes open to the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter feed (social media apps - at least 3).

- While they go on with their morning routine, they scroll through the e-Commerce platform of their choice (while the bank still has the amount!) - (e-commerce apps - at least 3).

- Considering that today is a no-work day, he/she/they scans/scan through a TV series, continuing where they left off (minimum 2 streaming apps).

By now, we have already counted 9 apps incorporated into one’s daily routine!

So how exactly we can use this information? Let's find out.