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As a marketer, “you have to be a culturally curious person. It is not enough to just read about platforms.”

“It is rather ironic. We have more data than ever before, but the overwhelming evidence is that customer loyalty is lower,” The challenge is to use data and social media tools to try and regain some of the lost loyalty. That takes people talking to people, just like it always has.

A long and well rounded look at digital marketing from the Wharton school.

  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    about 6 years ago #

    You can still create personal relationships and show customer service using social media and technology, as great as the tools we have now - they're only as great as the people behind them.

    • VB

      Victoria Bunte

      about 6 years ago #

      “If you keep the customer as the center of the discussion, not just the shareholder, you will not have to worry about loyalty, which is the real value.”

      Had a great experience with NARS Cosmetics recently that speaks to this point. I'm often surprised by how little I see higher-end brands engaging with their followers. I tweeted something "witty" about a NARS product I love using their hashtag. They DM'd me for my information and sent me a few lovely products from a new collection to thank me for being a loyal customer & brand advocate. It really cemented my loyalty, and they were able to leverage simple UGC to do so.

      • VK

        Vamshi Krishna

        about 6 years ago #

        Loyalty seems to have taken a bit of a backseat with social marketers. Most brand managers are focused on creating and distributing content that attracts an audience - some listen to their customers, but very few connect with them personally.

  • JB

    Jim Burke

    about 6 years ago #

    "You have to stand for something." That is so true. Big companies can be very vague at times with platitudes that no one can argue with. Standing for something means you run the risk of controversy but its the only way to accumulate true fans and a real community.