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Hiten Shah, founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, and Quick Sprout, knows a few things about successful SaaS marketing. Now, he's taking a look at what drives successful SaaS marketing sites. The Anatomy of a SaaS Marketing Site analyzes over 30 SaaS websites and hundreds of hours of user testing videos to show you what prospects prefer, what doesn't work for them, and how you can set up a framework for getting your SaaS marketing site on track. Chapter 3 looks at your SaaS marketing site's organization. So many startups think of this in terms of "How much information about our product can we fit on this page?" without taking into consideration the two most important things: how easy their pages are to navigate, and how clear their information is. It doesn't matter how much value you're providing with your SaaS marketing site, if users can't navigate it intuitively, it won't seem valuable to them. By organizing your information so it is easy to find and digest, you'll boost conversion rates and lay the foundation for the perfect SaaS marketing site.

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