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Whether you’re starting an eCommerce business or migrating a physical one to the digital world, there are some difficulties you’ll inevitably face. For starters, do you want a pre-built eCommerce platform or do you want to hire an eCommerce web development company to build one from scratch? Do you want a simple or complex platform? Do you want a hosted store or would you prefer to host it yourself? How about your price range. Are your pockets deep or are you looking to get the best bang for your buck? What about stock size? Speaking of, are you selling digital or physical goods? We can’t forget about payment method either.

  • PB

    Paul Bradish

    over 2 years ago #

    Great list! I agree with all except for perhaps Volusion (unless they've made some giant leaps since I last used their platform).

  • RM

    Raluca Marmureanu

    over 2 years ago #

    If you're not selling physical products but software, SaaS or other digital goods, another option would be Avangate. Through automation, self-service controls, easily configurable workflows and hundreds of global payment and currency options, Avangate reduces the complexity of global sales, payments, order management, subscription management, taxation, billing and compliance.

    Not to mention they have an international customer base of over 4,000 SaaS and digital products companies http://www.avangate.com/why-avangate/

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