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A meme is a visual content that communicates an issue alongside a humorous caption. A meme is primarily an image based off of some cultural reference. But other visual formats like GIFs and videos are also pretty popular in the world of meme-lords. 

A meme has three major ingredients:

  • Pop culture reference
  • A humorous slant
  • Relevance

In the marketing world, brands are adopting the meme frenzy because memes are fun, easy, and entertaining to create.

Forward-thinking brands know that meme is the language that today’s customers speak and understand. And they are leveraging meme marketing to make their brands look cool, bold, or even goofy.

These days, customers are resistant to the bygone ways of advertising and marketing. They don’t like being marketed to—it makes them feel manipulated and dumb.

Instead, customers these days expect brands to court them, make them laugh, or give them gifts. Today’s customers flock to brands that are relatable, entertaining, and bold.

We trust and buy from brands that interact with them on a personal level—like friends do. We want to have a little fun along the way in our social interactions with our favorite brands.

Read on further, to know how memes fit into your marketing funnel.