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Headless commerce is an ecommerce trend that you can’t ignore.

More and more large ecommerce retailers are utilizing “decoupled” backend systems, which are separate from any storefront, to streamline a truly omnichannel strategy.

Amazon, which sells through a variety of channels, including on its browser site, app, virtual assistants (like Dash and Echo), smartwatches, and more, is the most compelling example of how effectively this strategy can work.

By opting for headless commerce, you can make lightning-fast changes to your storefronts without affecting any backend processes. Amazon updates its store, for example, every 11.7 seconds.

Headless commerce also allows you to optimize your storefronts quickly, sell through numerous channels, and cut down on the time and resources it requires to update product information.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about headless ecommerce and how it impacts your store.

  • BP

    Bianca Pasare

    4 months ago #

    Super interesting. I wonder how many brands will begin implementing headless commerce in the coming years. (Wish I had this information earlier for our e-commerce Twitter chat! One of our questions prompted a look into the future of e-commerce.)