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Straightforward tactics for influencing attention with design. Includes lots of interesting data, research & examples.

  • PA

    Pulkit Agrawal

    almost 3 years ago #

    This is great. To re-emphasize: users miss 80% of the content they're presented with. Accordingly you should improve the design of the key elements you want them to pay attention to.

    Another good way to do this is using one-time product tours to highlight key elements and present some additional information. If you decide to use these then make them bright and help them stand-out from the rest of your interface. Also present information that will help users quickly find what they're looking for or discover new value. There's lot of potential (and power) with this tactic, but you also have to design it right!

  • MS

    Mark Silver

    almost 3 years ago #

    Excellent insights, thanks for sharing! It's often an overlooked concept that a design can be successful if the designer understands human cognition and behavior.

    Check out this article- https://blog.walkme.com/website-user-experience-best-practices/?t=20¶1=SMO, I think you'll enjoy it as well.