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Let’s face it—everyone wants to have happy customers. I love the fact that companies are taking efforts to make their customers happy in addition to thinking about the product and services offered. Businesses now know the importance of maintaining a good relationship with customers.

There is one gap around having happiness as a company goal, though. How do you make happiness a measurable and actionable metric? How do you know if your customers are actually happy and that you are not stuck in a bubble of assumption based on random indicators?

I know it’s hard to conceive the journey towards ‘customer happiness’ as a process because it’s more of a cultural and value-based shift. More to what meets the eyes, it is actually quite plausible to look at customer happiness as an actionable metric and have a set of guidelines that help you get closer to making your customers happy, one step at a time.

This blog is a detailed manual for customer happiness. By following these steps, you can be assured of setting up a truly comprehensive customer-centric business which will not fail to make your customers happy.

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