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Email marketing is an incredibly diverse area. It is about not only touting goods and keeping users up-to-date but maintaining healthy relationships with customers. The digital world can be cold and misleading. Therefore, without a one-to-one connection with clients, your business will fail to survive fierce competition.

  • MJ

    Mantas j

    about 1 month ago #

    Just read your article and it is great.
    My latest experience was bummer and worth mentioning as a relative example.
    Festive days and promotions are great. Yet, on this Valentines day I've got an email from a tech company to upgrade service plan with 30% discount.
    This made me laugh.
    That's because on Valentines day people buy flowers and jewelry, but not upgrading services and falling on discounts.
    Please use common sense...
    I don't want to mention the company for a reason.