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These days, almost any site uses JavaScript. Some sites only use it to add some interactivity, others built their entire site using one of the JavaScript frameworks and there are a plethora of options in between.

JavaScript is here to stay, and we need to deal with it.

But, JavaScript SEO can be a pretty intimidating topic to jump into for non-tech SEOs.

I haven't come across any resource that explains in layman's terms why JavaScript SEO is so important these days, how Google deals with JavaScript and what the best practices are to make sure your JavaScript-reliant site performs just as good as any other site (in one article).

That's why I wrote a Beginner's Guide to JavaScript SEO.

I hope this helps in getting you to dig into the wondrous world of JavaScript SEO :)

  • KS

    Ken Savage

    3 months ago #

    Bookmarked. Nice resource thanks Steven.

  • SS

    Sukhbaatar Sukhbat

    3 months ago #

    Nice thanks

  • SS

    Svetoslav Stefanov

    3 months ago #

    I was in the same boat a few years ago. I had SPA which Google didn't want to crawl whatever I do and after a few months of trying things I gave up and decided to try hybrid rendering - I show HTML snapshot to crawling bots and javascript page to normal users (based on their user agent). But then it became a huge problem when I had to update these snapshots.
    After a while, I decided that this is not good enough either and made a different approach - I would make after sign-in pages to run only in javascript (SPA), but before sign in it's all being rendered through PHP (the server-side language that I'm using).
    Pros: It loads around 1 second on most of the pages, while my javascript pages were taking (based on speed test results) around 7 seconds till the first user-action is available.
    Cons: Sometimes I had to have the same code on both sides. But I minimize this by reusing all my CSS & back-end code.

    Usually, pages that are visible to non-logged-in users are mostly static, so it wasn't a huge problem. And if users wanted to open these pages anyway, I could render them through ajax request, which would show these pages in my SPA side.

    After these changes, my site occupied #1 spot in Google in my niche.

    Anyway it's a shame that we're about to send people to Mars, but yet we're unable to have sites crawled in plain Javascript ...

  • MM

    Manny Mangat

    3 months ago #

    Very articulate and well-put. Bookmarked it. Thanks

  • RP

    Rahul Pandey

    3 months ago #

    Interesting Article. Never cared about JavaScript SEO before. Thanks for sharing this 😃

    • SV

      Steven van Vessum

      3 months ago #

      Thank you Rahul! At this point, there's no way of getting away from JavaScript SEO so we may as well dig into it and make the most of it :)

  • MN

    Maria Nagornaya

    3 months ago #

    Thank you! it's really that I've looked for.

  • AT

    Alina Telnova

    3 months ago #

    Thank you! It's very helpful!

  • BN

    Brack Nelson

    about 1 month ago #

    Thank you for this information I had not known it before that Java script and SEO is correlated.