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‍♀️ — They are different than anyone else. Every major brand has something unique to itself - a differentiating factor. At TJ’s it’s the whole shopping experience, bundled with private-label, intentional relaxed and friendly vibe. In a world where everything seems to be in a hurry, it’s relaxing to have an old-school face-to-face shopping experience.

‍♀️ — Products scream value. No artificial or chemical colorings, GMOs, MSGs or high-fructose corn syrup. Its quality produce and products without a high price tag. Trader Joe’s goes far and wide to search for innovative products which they bring back to their HQ in Boston or Monrovia where everyone on the board goes through the tasting procedure. This is how they introduce new products on a regular basis and keeping their costumers on their toes.

‍♀️ — It’s the People’s Business, Not retail business. Top Class Customer Service. At Trader Joe’s you won’t find a dull unfriendly face, because people who work there genuinely enjoy what they do and are there to help you out. Crew Members (Trader Joe’s store staff) also participate in the tastings of new products so they have the knowledge and can proactively help to guide and recommending new products to their clients.

‍♀️ — Copywriting - TJ’s Secret Sauce. Yes, Trader Joe’s have brochures that are sent to households about new products in the store. BUT… in these brochures there’s no screaming price discounts or large colorful pictures with perfect fruit. It’s 90% text. Their copywriters are writing about the product in a comical yet descriptive way. This copy combined with weird Victorian images brings people through the door with sheer intrigue.

‍♀️ — Decentralized Command. Even though Trader Joe’s is a successful brand and people are sending applications and petitions to open new stores in their neighborhoods - they have intentionally opted-in for slow growth. The people who run the stores are the most important part. Each store manager has autonomy to run the store as she or he wants as long as it follows the Trader Joe’s manifesto (I’ve included it in the study).