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Starbucks, the global caffeine-mammoth coffee company controls 40% of the coffee franchise market share in the US alone, earns $24.7Bn worldwide and conducts over 90 million transactions per week.

In China, a new Starbucks coffee shop is open every 15 hours. But it hasn't been always like that. In this marketing case study, I'm finding out what are the underlying reasons and why Starbucks is so successful today.

TOC: ☕️ CHAPTER 1: Inclination for Grit and Determination to Fix Social Injustice

☕️ CHAPTER 2: “An Old Product in the New Market”

☕️ CHAPTER 3: Eco-Conscious, People Friendly, and Bringing In the Money — Starbucks’ Triple balancing act

☕️ CHAPTER 4: The Product

☕️ CHAPTER 5: Experience More Important That The Product Itself

☕️ CHAPTER 6: Breaking down the Brand and Messaging

☕️ CHAPTER 7: Starbucks Master Example of Mobile Retention and App Rewards

☕️ CHAPTER 8: The Success Flywheel of Starbucks

☕️ CHAPTER 9: Starbucks Vs the World (Bonus)

☕️ CHAPTER 10: Starbucks Social Media Assessment