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Slack’s has entered the hall of fame as the fastest growing business app. Since 2014 they have been on the prowl!

* Accumulated 8+ million daily active users (and 3 million of those are paid users)
* Holding on the absolutely ridiculous conversion rate (30%) from free to paid tier
* Being used (and paid for!) by 43% of Fortune 100 companies
* Enjoying the valution of $7.1 billion (August 2018)

How did they do it? In this massive growth study, I am finding out the growth levers that propelled them towards its massive success. You’ll find out

📈 Chapter 1 - The importance of having the tight-knit core team of developers where everyone holds responsibility and respect towards each other.

📈 Chapter 2 - How to execute the perfect product launch that is accelerated by a targeted PR.

📈 Chapter 3 - How branding is much more than just a logo and pretty colors and how the focus on it leveraged the word-of-mouth.

📈 Chapter 4 - Why Slack’s CMO Bill Macaitis' Northstar metric wasn’t revenue numbers or w-o-w/m-o-m growth, but customer satisfaction scores.

📈 Chapter 5 - The generous freemium model that converts at 30%.

📈 Chapter 6 - The blueprint for multi-million dollar company. How Slack combined channel, market, product and model to secure consistent growth.

📈 Chapter 7 - The strategic partnerships and acquisitions raises the value of the product and gives Slack a talent pool of employees together with easier access to new audiences.

📈 Chapter 8 - Future-proofing the company by relying on workplace satisfaction, product innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Each chapter comes with key takeaways that apply universally to any company or business.