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Slack has already entered Silicon Valley’s hall of fame as the fastest growing business app. Since its public launch in February of 2014, Slack’s accomplishments include:

Accumulating 8 million daily active users (and 3 million of those are paid users)
Having the highest conversion rate (30%) among freemium software products
Being used (and paid for!) by 43% of Fortune 100 companies
Achieving a valuation (in August 2018) of $7.1 billion
These numbers are just mind-boggling. Slack went from $0 to $7 billion…in less than five years! And it’s even more impressive considering that the Slack app was born out of previous failed businesses.

Every success story has done three things in their lifetime:

Product-market fit – right idea, right time
Rapid growth – scaling with hyper-speed
Reinforcement – a built-to-last model
In this growth study, we’ll look at the story of Slack, its beginning and underlying strategy for world domination, and how they built a platform that’s transforming office communication.

Prologue: Slack’s Backstory
Chapter 1: Brotherhood and Perfect Timing
Chapter 2: Execute the Perfect Launch
Chapter 3: Brand is Everything
Chapter 4: Customer Experience as the North Star
Chapter 5: An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Chapter 6: The Blueprint for Multi-Billion Dollar Company
Chapter 7: Slack’s Friends and Family – Integrations and Partnerships
Chapter 8: Future-proofing the Company and the Product