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With the steady rise of a freelance economy, outsourcing has become popular and widespread for many businesses worldwide including graphic designers.

An opportunity to grow your business by reducing operating costs and increasing the quality of services seems to be very appealing to enterprises.

While some companies are happy with their outsourcing experience, it’s not always the best experience for all parties involved. It’s essential that there is a good fit between client company and outsourcer, culturally and professionally.

Various reviews, both positive and negative, posted on outsourcing platforms may lead to confusion over your decision to contract work to a 3rd party.

The big question is – should you consider maintaining an in-house staff of graphic designers, or should you bring in freelancers to handle the designing work for you?

Let’s delve into the pros and cons of outsourcing to find out the answer. But to get a better understanding of the problem, let’s first identify the difference between the two.