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If you’re serious about SEO, you NEED to optimize for RankBrain. Why? Well, Google recently announced that RankBrain is Google’s third most important ranking signal. And it’s becoming more important every day.

  • AB

    Alex Booth

    over 2 years ago #

    Best of an article, really got me thinking and inspired me to make a few changes :D

  • GS

    Gaurav Sharma

    over 2 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing it away Kushal :) quite an informative article from Brian especially love the graphics used inside the content to easily understand each aspect of the article.

    The new Google RankBrain not only establishes relationships and schemas between different entities, but also records results and obtains wisdom from the results.

    If you're still scratching your head and trying to understand what Google RankBrain is, here's a simple and straightforward sentence:

    Over time, the algorithm can improve its search query exponentially.

    Contrary to popular belief, Google RankBrain does not work in real time. It uses supplementary learning. In other words, the new query set and processing model will periodically enter this algorithm to help the machine learn by itself. When its improvements are important, Google will launch a similar update to Google Panda or Penguin Update-this may be a content quality update.

    When Google RankBrain better understand the user's query, it can accurately rank the web results and provide the user with relevant information more quickly. It also helps Google gain advantage in voice search, natural language processing and understanding.

  • EI

    Elite InfoWorld

    over 2 years ago #

    Thank you for sharing

  • NR

    Nikola Roza

    over 2 years ago #

    Hey, Brian! Great guide about RankBrain. I enjoyed the content, but I adore the design.
    When I read, It looks to me like the letters are chiseled onto white marble- it's beautiful:)

    As for the content;

    I like how you make it clear that RankBrain is the deciding factor when choosing what to rank (and what not to rank).
    if people enjoy your value-packed content, you'll rank, otherwise...

    Perhaps this will help folks stop obsessing about links.