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Stuart McKeown at Gleam.io covers Facebook's recent big announcements about organically increasing Likes on their platform. Main topics:
  • What is a Like Gate? - These gates allow you to hide content within a Facebook page tab until a user has liked the page first.
  • What is Happening to Like Gates? - Facebook is removing an essential part of their API that apps use to check if a user already likes a page or not.
  • What About Like Actions? - Come November 5th apps will not be allowed to award entries into a sweepstakes or competition by asking a user to Like a page.
  • Why Are Facebook Doing This? - Five reasons provided in the article.
  • How Will The Chanage Impact Businesses? - It highlights the fact that you need to always diversify your marketing channels.
  • How Does This Change Impact Gleam? - Charts included.
  • Welcome to the World of Action Gating - Here's some alternatives to Like Gates.
  • ND

    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

    over 5 years ago #

    Such an informative article with a great action plan for alternatives.

  • SM

    Stuart McKeown

    over 5 years ago #

    Thanks for sharing Nichole, these changes should hopefully help the marketing world realise that there's more to life than chasing likes :) Hope to have some data on what percentage of people will like a business organically after being exposed to a great campaign.

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