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Are you stuck trying to figure out how to start marketing your SaaS startup? Well, fear not fellow founder!
“But I don’t know where to start!”
By now you probably know that the first step to successfully marketing your SaaS startup is to get it in front of people who have a burning need for what you have to offer.
But such a simple task can seem incredibly daunting to people not familiar with marketing basics, especially if they’re first-time founders:
“Yes, I want to do that — but I don’t know how! I want to tell people about my product but I don’t know where to even start!”
If that sounds like you (at least I know that’s how I used to sound!), let’s get to it and turn that frown upside down!
There’s no need to let that evil Startup Marketing Monster keep you down any longer, because I’ve just put together a list of 12 different places you can get your product in front of people who are actually looking for products just like yours! And better yet — they’re all FREE!

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