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Automation, via technology, is a great thing if you go by tweets of guys who sell self-driving cars and love talking to Siri in their spare time. There are a lot of legitimate case studies as well to support the argument.

To marketers, the biggest boon of automation manifested in email marketing. Ability to automate email campaigns has reduced a lot of burden off marketers in general.

But customers too, in general, are exposed to a lot of automated messages so unless your message stands out, you are only making spam folder heavier.

Remember, good email is like oxygen. Customers won’t appreciate if there is a good one, but they will immediately drop you in spam if it even slightly stinks. (Hope this analogy didn’t stink)

In this post, we have

- dissected the fundamentals of email automation

- elaborated the steps to create a successful automated email campaign and

- discussed 9 examples from brands who have aced email automation Hope you find it helpful.

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