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Why is this article important for growth hackers?

Because Imgur, a photo sharing website that helps popularize many of the memes online, has over 130 million monthly unique visitors and 1.5 million daily uploads.  Imgur is one of the most popular websites that you haven’t heard of…yet. It is an online hosting service of the internet’s most popular images, like a YouTube for viral images. Originally built as a gift for the popular online community Reddit, Imgur has consistently been outranking Reddit in traffic for the last year.

  • DM

    Dan Medcraft

    over 6 years ago #

    I think this article simplifies it a little too much - I'm a regular on Imgur, and I can never work out what will and won't make it to the front page on that site. For example, timing is crucial for getting maximum exposure. Plus, the audience is savvy enough to know when it's being marketed to, so if they suspect you're overdoing it, you'll be tarred and feathered faster than you can blink.

    Also, as an Imgurian, I've never seen any of those images on the Front Page, so I'd question just how effective their "campaign" was. Imgur can actually provide some great stats, so why were none of these given in the article? Hmmm

    • PG

      Pushkar Gaikwad

      over 6 years ago #

      True Dan, Imgur is very tightly coupled with Reddit and it is very difficult to predict what will make it on the front page. I have also my doubts over the traffic quality, not to mention any effort in trying to gaining the system backfiring.

  • JP

    Jordan P

    over 6 years ago #

    The viral petri dish....