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In this post, we’ll learn about…

- How Marie and Hiten successfully pivoted from a failed product to FYI
- Why you should focus more on customer stories
- Which beta testing questions give the most insightful takeaways
- The subtle phrasing mistakes you can make that bias your results
- How she knows when it’s time for product launch

Let’s start by digging into why her first two projects failed, and how she used those learnings to set FYI up for success.

  • OS

    Olivia Seitz

    5 months ago #

    I love how clearly Marie differentiates between questions that will get biased, unhelpful results vs questions that help you really understand what the person you're talking to wants and why they want it. So useful!

  • SP

    Steven PicoStark

    5 months ago #

    Awesome stuff!

  • HS

    Hiten Shah

    5 months ago #

    Marie and I have been sharing a bunch more about how we built FYI and what's coming next. This guest post on UserInterviews outlines how we learn from people during early access.