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It was the earliest days of the travel startup, a small company with the right ambition and a good problem to solve — make searching for cheap flights easier for travelers. This startup would end up being acquired for £1.4 billions 6 years later, having gone through 10X growth several times, expanding to 10 offices all over the world and growing to over 1,000 employees. My journey started as a Market Development Manager for the Italian market, responsible for: -validating product and channel market fit -localizing a commercial offering and marketing strategy -customizing a local product that spoke “Italian”

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    Pradyut Hande

    over 1 year ago #

    Extremely insightful.

    As a mobile marketing platform with a number of leading travel apps as clients, we often cite Skyscanner's tremendous success story as a template for achieving growth through iterative experimentation and the delivery of consistently superior customer experiences.

    "Growth" is no longer a loosely bandied about term, it is a deeply data-driven approach to scaling businesses using a calibrated confluence of people, platforms, and plans.

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