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2018 has been a bumpy ride for me and my marketing team. We did some really cool stuff like launching a podcast, improving our SEO ranking, quadrupling our growth on all fronts, yada yada yada.

But not all of our marketing experiments went as well as we expected them to. In fact, we burnt our fingers with some projects very recently. Take for example the red vs. black vs. blue button test we did for increasing sign-ups. Turns out, it’s just one of those old wives tales in the online marketing circles that holds no water.

We figured there is no point crying over spilled milk. But it’s worth taking hindsight lessons so that we can avoid the dragons in the map. This post is an honest look on similar other mishaps that we have had during the last one year.

You might want to give it a read and steer clear of the marketing errors that we did.

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