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As I built the Zest.is marketing strategy for 2019, I realized that:

1. A product-driven company must create its product strategy before the marketing strategy can be developed

2. The marketing mix is just a small part of the overall marketing strategy

3. CMOs need to identify when a leak in their user journey is a show stopper and fix it ASAP

4. Small successes are a necessity in order to increase everyone’s confidence

5. We should have team members who'll be responsible for a specific user-segments’ growth, retention and engagement instead of a marketing dep.

My marketing strategy consists of seven pillars:
1. Creating a company-wide culture of learning and self-improvement

2. Bringing in talent through a remote team model

3. Focusing every team member’s attention on retention-based growth

4. Managing the budget for maximum impact

5. Using Internal communications as a growth engine

6. Valuing data-oriented decision making and continual experimentation

7. Employing multichannel marketing to best effect

This is the gantt I used to build our strategy gameplan. Feel free to copy and customize it for your needs <3

  • SH

    Sam Hurley

    over 2 years ago #

    The way you do what you do over there at Zest is mind-blowing, Yam!

    I rave about you to everybody. This is just a glimpse of why. 🌟💪🏆💪🌟

    Thanks for sharing your strats with us all!