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If you want to sell people anything – a product, a service, an idea, or a free subscription – you have to begin by appearing credible. A well-organized, intuitive website will increase your conversions, however you define them.

  • GG

    Gail Gardner

    11 months ago #

    Something else I see on a lot of sites and especially agency sites is a lot of titles with no names. That looks particularly suspect to me. How can you have a digital marketing agency and no one involved in it is willing to put their name on the about page or any blog post. That doesn't inspire confidence.

  • AS

    Ann Smarty

    11 months ago #

    So many good points here! Thanks for sharing!

  • JW

    Julie Weishaar

    11 months ago #

    Great points, David. Especially in today's times - being credible and authentic is the only way to present yourself online.

  • ME

    Martin Eising

    11 months ago #

    Credibility sure is huge. There should always be Contact and About information ... if I don't see either of these I'm gone. HTTPS is important for sensitive information too.

    Good read Dave!

  • MS

    Manmohan Singh

    9 months ago #

    Many points are covered in the post where I Agree.