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I’ve been dealing on a daily basis with advanced SEO strategies as part of the WordLift team, in the last year and a half. A few months back I was looking for some quick and free Google Chrome extensions I could use to have a quick glance and an overview of any website.

As I talk to dozens of people on a weekly basis to consult on SEO related issues I’ve developed my swiss knife for SEO. This comprises mainly five Google Chrome extensions that I’ve been using on a daily basis for the last years.

Over the dozens of extensions I’ve been trying out, those have stuck with me, and I believe that if you are an SEO professional or on the road to be one, those extensions might help you out. Of course, those extensions are meant to give you a quick glance; an overview of any website you’re looking at.

Those are not meant as a substitute for a proper analysis. In fact, for a more in-depth analysis, you’ll need to check your data and cross-reference it. However, for a quick glance, those tools are quite useful.

  • RV

    Rahul Vij

    over 1 year ago #

    Cool list Gennaro.

    I use SEOquake, MozBar, SerpWorx and Majestic Backlink Analyzer in my daily SEO strategies and these are quite useful.

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