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After planning the 2017 & 2018 GrowthHackers conferences, I'm now dedicating my time to creating events for women in growth. Interested? Keep reading...

Technology is great to help keep us connected, but there’s still nothing to replace face-to-face time for getting to know others. Add that spending time in nature helps reduce stress anxiety, and we’ve got ourselves a (relaxing & centering) party!

Women in Growth is hosting the first day-long retreat in sunny Colorado, where we’ll bring women in demanding growth roles together to center ourselves and meet one another in a safe and open environment.

We’ve talked to many women in growth and have heard many versions of “It would be great to part of a community that offers tips to be better at my job and to also thrive as a woman.”

We understand you. We’re dealing with imposter syndrome, unconscious biases, and lofty growth goals. We’re working on an uneven playing ground and could use some support.

This retreat is day 1 of elevating with your very own women in growth tribe. Are you ready to join us?

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