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It's a SaaS VC cargo cult camouflaged as startup marketing thought leadership. I call it "fake growth".

Fake growth evangelists have different names for it, but the massive red ink and copycat consumerism all look the same. And surprise, surprise...I've never seen it afflict a revenue-hungry, founder-led, bootstrapped B2B tech startup, i.e. the Startup 99%. Whenever I see fake growth, it's infecting the unicorn Startup 1%, backed by established VCs, and executed by their dropped-in and highly compensated founder replacement "operators". Here's my definition.

"Fake growth is capital-subsidized market adoption of free products--a pernicious and corrosive form of digital services "dumping" of market value below cost--For the purpose of preemptively "blitzscaling" a rigged leader of a new product or service category."