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LinkedIn ads are often thought of as being best for B2B, but can they outmatch the power of Facebook ads? I created this study to discover the truth.

As a business-to-business marketer, I really wanted to know whether Facebook advertising or LinkedIn advertising would bring me the most value. I had some experience running ads successfully on both platforms, but not nearly enough to determine which would actually be best overall for B2B marketing.

To satisfy my curiosity, I created the following case study: I ran the same ad on both platforms, at the same time, to two identical landing pages. Which one do you think yielded the best results? The answer might surprise you!

  • PG

    prima ganda

    15 days ago #

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  • RH

    Rate healthcare

    17 days ago #

    Wow, It's really helpful. I got the exact idea what should i do now. I was just starting social media marketing but not know the perfect platform......Thank's anyway :)

  • SM

    Sarah Mooney

    17 days ago #

    Nicely done

  • II

    Ilya Ilya

    17 days ago #

    I'm curious if there were real conversions all the way to a customer, which platform would bring you a higher CLTV customer? Thats the true test- I'd be wary of making conclusions just based on impression numbers.

    • AT

      Alex Tucker

      14 days ago #

      Absolutely a valid point. That's why I'm planning to do some follow up studies when I'm actually ready to accept new clients!

  • YB

    Yorgelis Baldallo

    15 days ago #


  • MM

    Marco Mottola

    15 days ago #

    Well done.

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    Trabajo Trabajo

    13 days ago #

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    Vasisht Nagarkatti

    12 days ago #

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  • SP

    Stephen Pardo

    11 days ago #

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  • FD

    Fred Di

    11 days ago #

    maybe I should set up a LinkedIn account.

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    will iam

    11 days ago #

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    moussa P

    11 days ago #

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    Kijeka Engineers

    10 days ago #

    Thanks for your helpfull post, it's helps digital marketers to improve their skills.

  • TR

    Tiffany Ruder

    10 days ago #

    I've often wondered about this and would definitely love to see more people sharing the results of their experiments!

    To me it makes a lot of sense, actually. Yes, LinkedIn is all about B2B and Facebook is mostly B2C, but what are people doing when they're on these platforms? What's their mindset and intent? When people are on Facebook, they have less of a mission and are therefore more likely to click on an ad that is related to their personal blog.

    Plus, LinkedIn clicks are insanely expensive, so with smaller budget campaigns, the engagement differences are going to be more obvious – it's harder to see any value from the media buy.

  • PT

    Paul Tribbiani

    10 days ago #

    I'm having thoughts about these promotions, good thing I read this. Thanks for sharing!

  • AE

    Abhishek Ekbote

    9 days ago #

    The sample size is fairly small. Would be great to see how the results pan out when expand this experiment.

    For now, it is hard to arrive at a definitive conclusion. What do you think?

  • DD

    Daniel Diaz

    7 days ago #

    Facebook is certainly much better at advertising.

  • MP

    Marian Pohl

    5 days ago #

    Great insights! Thanks for sharing this.

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    Security Pro

    5 days ago #


  • AF

    Anne Freeman

    4 days ago #

    I once did a Facebook Ad on a video I made for my photography page, My page had over 3k impressions and 8 shares just for 5$ investment. But the thing is when I posted an Ad for a product page on Facebook the result was not that much great. The audience was wrong even tho I selected the demographics carefully.

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    Sarbjit Grewal

    3 days ago #

    Useful and Interesting Post!

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    Jeevan kumar

    2 days ago #

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    Himanshu Rauthan

    2 days ago #

    The article has given all the valid points and is really helpful in helping to shape my paid social media marketing strategy.