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Ezra Firestone is one of biggest names in the ecommerce industry. He owns multiple million dollar ecommerce businesses.

This year while searching to learn some new hacks on how to market the products of an ecommerce store this Holiday Season, I stumbled across Ezra Firestone’s webinar called Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bootcamp. Being one of his admirers, I knew that like his other lessons, this one will also quench my thirst of knowledge for ecommerce field. 

In that webinar, Ezra discussed his six-step formula that ecommerce store owners can use to skyrocket their sales during the holiday season. 

The steps include:

  • Step Zero: Know Who You Are Selling To
  • Step 1: The Basic Flow
  • Step 2: The Look / Feel
  • Step 3: The Offer
  • Step 4: The Product Pages
  • Step 5: The Ads
  • Step 6: The Emails

We took notes of this amazing webinar for all the people looking to maximize their profits. Read on to see his 6-step formula in details to make over $2M in the Holiday Season.