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Crafting a great email is hard work.

You need to know your prospect, grab their attention with a snappy subject line and then write a message that convinces them to take some kind of action. So when you’ve spent hours/days/eons working on an award-winning email, it’s a real kick in the conversions when the results are meh.

Low open rates, low CTR, and low responses. It sucks. But while there are plenty of reasons why your email might not be generating a response, one big reason is not sending a follow-up.

  • MT

    Mat Trajkovski

    about 1 year ago #

    `Replace all “I” and “we” language with “you”. This will change how you position the message to be more focused on the recipient.`

    Solid gold.

    • CZ

      Chintan Zalani

      about 1 year ago #

      I also like the second tip by Justin on not saying 'checking in.' So common although ineffective! Great article, Oleg.

  • PH

    Pradyut Hande

    about 1 year ago #

    This certainly made for a good read.

    Businesses often sideline the human element while adopting marketing automation.

    It's far more important to focus on personalized conversations rather than impersonal shot-in-the-dark conversions. Also, follow-ups have to be looked at from a relationship-building standpoint and not an ad hoc carpet-bombing batch-and-blast approach.

    Frequency of follow-ups is also critical to success. Regardless of how well-crafted and content optimized your multi-touch conversations are, if prospects feel that they're being bombarded with communication too often, it just creates a strong sense of dissonance resulting in apathy.

  • MH

    Matt Harney @ Appealie

    about 1 year ago #

    Some good insights in here. Definitely worth a read.

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