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Email Marketing.

Like paying your taxes, eating organic, and saying hello to dog owners instead of just to their dogs, it’s something you know you should do.

But like tons of other fashion ecommerce retailers, you struggle with:

  • Finding the time to manage your email marketing
  • Knowing what content to send
  • Writing irresistible subject lines
  • Getting sales and conversions through email

So you end up dashing off an email when you have time. It’s never as good as it *could* be… and your open and conversion rates usually reflect that.  

You might have heard the marketing adage “the money is in the list”… and now you’re wondering exactly how to get it out.

Today’s Deep Dive will reveal solutions to four common problems keeping fashion stores from email marketing success.

Plus, I’ll show you how to set up a workable email marketing strategy by mapping out an email calendar — and then actually sticking to it.

  • DL

    Dominic Lovell

    over 2 years ago #

    Great article, but wow, this page is 37 MB! It takes almost a minute to load, and thats on a desktop with a good connection. Imagine on a mobile over a cell network.

    For context the average webpage is 3MB across the web. The cat under the blanket GIF is 6.5MB alone.

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