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Every day, it seems like there’s a new metric you have to keep up with as a marketer. From average order value to repeat purchase rate, there are a myriad to track.

But if there were a marketing metric bracket (think Marketing March Madness), we’re confident that customer lifetime value (CLTV) would make it pretty far in the tournament, if not to the championship.

Why? It’s been called the most important metric for your business, and with good reason. It’s also one of the more underappreciated, perhaps because many brands struggle to properly define and calculate it.

Never fear, because we created this guide all about customer lifetime value to consolidate everything you need to know about this important metric—perhaps the most important metric—for your B2C brand. Once you have a strong grasp on CLTV and how to implement it into your day-to-day work as a marketer, you’ll be thinking about the customer lifecycle in an entirely different way.